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5 Tips to Burn Fat Fast – From Brisbane’s Body Transformation Specialist

Now that Spring is here, you my be thinking of shedding your winter coat. Here are 5 Tips which will help you burn body fat faster and be rocking a summer bod just in time for the holidays!

#1 – Work out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

It’s essential when aiming to burn fat fast is by eating to your bodies energy requirements. To work out your BMR. Go to this link.

#2 – Track your macro-nutrient intake on MyFitnessPal

If you want to reduce body fat it’s important you eat a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre.  If you can consistently ‘HIT’ your macro targets burning fat will be a breeze! The key is what is the right amount for me? This link will give you a unique set of numbers.

In this website you can workout the exact numbers you should work towards. A great starting point is 40% Carbohydrates, 35% Protein, 25% Fat. You can then input these into the MyFitnessPal APP. Just go to Goals > Calorie & Macronutrient Goals > Then adjust your numbers.

#3 –Work Smarter, Start doing HIIT Intervals

Gone are the days of one hour cardio sessions. Start doing HIIT intervals, a condensed much more intense and beneficial form of cardio training. HIIT creates a thermogenic effect long after you finish training. You need to elevate your heart-rate with intense bursts, then let it recover. The intensity is something you can work up too. Don’t be intimidated, just start within your comfort zone. There are numerous examples of HIIT workouts online.

  • If doing Cardio on Bike or Treadmill. 20secs @ 100% followed by 100secs @ 65%.
  • You can also doing HIT intervals on the minute. a 30/30 split or if you would like to push it, 45/15.
  • HIIT can be a simple as doing some Hill sprint repeats, it doesn’t need to be measured always. Try to aim for 10 Maximum heart rate repeats!

#4 –Sleep Consistently

You can train hard, you can eat right, but if you are not recovering you will struggle to see results. Sleep is the most important ingredient in reduce body fat. If your body is not getting adequate rest you will remain in a stressed state. This can increase your stress hormone cortisol. When we have more cortisol it’s very difficult to reduce body fat. 6.5-8hrs of uninterrupted sleep is ideal. I know this is difficult for most of us. Make getting to bed a priority and try to set the mood for sleep. Reduce overstimulation later in the evening so you can drift off to a peaceful, rejuvenating sleep.

#5 –Reduce Sugar Intake, Eat More Complex Carbs

High levels of sugar are the natural enemy of body fat reduction. When we have high amounts of sugar, our body releases insulin to bring our blood glucose levels down. This can often leave us in an ‘energy low’. The process will repeat throughout the day making it difficult to resist sugar cravings. Instead try to eat more complex carbs. These are rolled oats, pumpkin, sweet potato, white potato, brown rice, basmati rice, kidney beans, weet-bix, wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, quinoa grain, muesli with minimal fruit.






About the Author

Ben Purssell is one of Brisbane’s lead Body Transformation Specialists. With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry he has developed a philosophy on weight loss that yields sustainable results. This approach has helped many people achieve amazing transformations, regain their self-esteem, self-confidence and fit back into their clothes. Ben is passionate about creating awareness around the dangers of restrictive diets for people seeking a body transformation and also educating the wider community about simple, effective strategies to improve your metabolism, motivation and wellness.

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