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BodyStrong Program for Men

BodyStrong Program

Do you want a flat stomach?
Do you want to have more energy?
Do you want to feel stronger ?

Are you looking for a Body Transformation? Our BodyStrong program can help you achieve all of the results you are looking for. 

Our program incorporates strength training, along with a dietetics approved nutritional program based around a healthy and sustainable metabolism. We work intensively to educate you on how to get your metabolism to do the work for you. Whether it be fitting getting a flat stomach, reducing pain levels or just increasing your energy. We all have felt the same – uncomfortable in our clothes and in the mirror.

The next step from here is to request your Free BodyStrong Consultation with us here in the LiveFit studio. In this consultation we identify the exact results you want to achieve and show you the process on how to achieve them. If you are ready to make a change, let’s do it. Contact Us and we will get back to you today.

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BodyStrong Transformations

Adam Herbert

“After training with Liz at LiveFit I have lost over 40kgs and completely transformed my life. I have a brand new outlook on life and I love how I feel and look. I have more energy and I’m getting stronger all the time. For anyone looking to overhaul their life I am proof that you can do it too! *

(Adam Herbert, LiveFit Client)

Damien Gannon

“When I first started training I was 102kg and had no motivation but knew that I wanted to get fit and healthy. I can honestly say that because of his professionalism, guidance, persistence and genuine care for his clients I am now the person that I was before I reached that 102 kg mark. I have zest for life, I am passionate about my work, family and friends and I truly believe that my training with Ben is one of the biggest influences in this change of lifestyle.”*

(Damien Gannon, LiveFit Client)
* Disclaimer: These testimonials are the individual results of LiveFit Clients and have been supplied freely as an account of their personal experience with LiveFit PT. LiveFit points out that individual results can vary. Results may vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and strict adherence to the LiveFit weight loss program.
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