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Why Losing Weight in today’s society is hard – From Brisbane’s Body Transformation Specialist


We live at a time in history when the world that surrounds us is moving faster than ever. The advancements in technology, the progression of education and innovation means that the latest ‘trend’ is soon overtaken by something new.

This is especially pertinent when we consider health, fitness and weight loss. Merely 20 years ago, I remember doing Aerobics OZ-Style with my mother in the morning. We have seen the emergence of different training trends and nutritional fads. These have come and gone. The exposure we have to different sources of information from social media means that more than ever there is an over-saturation of information. Someone can position themselves as an expert if they have 10K followers on Instagram. Should we trust these so-called experts?

Should I cut Carbs? Should I cut Fat? Should I stop eating after a certain time in the day? Is it okay for me to skip breakfast so I burn more fat in the morning? Should I avoid starch and nuts?

These are all valid questions I receive from my clients with a common trend. Everyone is always asking about some form of Restriction. What I want to clarify is the difference between Discipline and Restriction.

Quality nutrition is the fundamental component of weight Loss. 80-90% of the results people achieve come from good nutritional habits. Most of the men and women that come to me believe they need to eat ‘health’ or ‘clean’ to lose weight. This is evident in the amount of diets they have tried. The reality is there is no ‘quick fix’ solution.

What I advocate is sustainable weight loss. Over recent years, the over-saturation of weight loss programs, TV Shows and personalities in society has reinforced an unhealthy perception that we must eat less, restrict our diet and move more. When in reality, we should be eating more and moving more. This is what the Fitness industry as advocates of sustainable weight loss in this country needs to address.

Restrictive diets lead to longer term emotional and physical damage to your health.

When you eat less your metabolism slows down. When your weight loss plateaus, people will often further restrict their food intake. Eventually what occurs is a process that is widely known as ‘Starvation Mode’. I have seen clients, that have been doing 6-7 hours of cardio a week as well as strength training. Eating below 1000 Calories a day and wondering why they can’t lose weight. Your body will not allow this to happen as it’s being put into a state of stress.

Losing weight should be a safe and healthy practice, and is often achieved when the body is feeling good. Getting adequate amounts of nutritious food, combined with moderate levels of exercise and quality sleep.

What is pleasing is that many of the clients that I meet, are starting to become informed. They are recognising the dangers of restrictive diets and the effects that has on your metabolism.

So what is the Solution?

A Nutrition plan that is designed for you to eat to your own personal metabolic level. Think of your metabolism like a Car, when you eat less, you don’t need a big engine as you are not fueling yourself as much. When we start to fuel our body adequately your metabolism (Engine) will increase.

We want to turn your metabolism into a v8, one that is capable of burning lots of energy. My clients are often amazed how much food they can eat and still lose weight. This is where the discipline part comes in, it’s purely aiming to eating consistently the same amount of energy each day. If you can achieve this, half the battle is won!

If you are not sure where to start. This website provides your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) for you.

This is a great starting point. Eating consistently at this level will help you elevate your metabolism and burn body fat much easier.




About the Author

Ben Purssell is one of Brisbane’s lead Body Transformation Specialists. With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry he has developed a philosophy on weight loss that yields sustainable results. This approach has helped many people achieve amazing transformations, regain their self-esteem, self-confidence and fit back into their clothes. Ben is passionate about creating awareness around the dangers of restrictive diets for people seeking a body transformation and also educating the wider community about simple, effective strategies to improve your metabolism, motivation and wellness.

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