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About LiveFit

Welcome to Team LiveFit

Are you looking at changing your lifestyle?
Would you like to fit back into some of your old clothes?
Are you looking for fast, effective results?

Are you looking for a Body Transformation?

Welcome to LiveFit. We are a passionate and enthusiastic team of fitness professionals dedicated to delivering life-changing results to our clients. We are Brisbane’s Body Transformation Specialists and have worked with many clients seeking their dream body but have no idea where to start.

LiveFit was founded by Ben Purssell. Ben has a background in Elite sport/rehab and high-performance. Throughout his 10 years in the fitness industry Ben has been driven to provide a solution to everyday people that want to feel and look better. Through this passion he has developed the BodyShape and BodyStrong program for Men and Women respectively. With over 10 years in the fitness industry this program has been consistently helping our clients achieve amazing body transformations.

We are very privileged to have worked with clients from all walks of life helping them to achieve their goals. Whether that is to fit back into those jeans or just have enough energy to play with their kids, we are part of the process of their life-change. This empowers our clients with new found confidence and self-belief. The sense of gratitude, appreciation and fulfillment we receive from the transformations our clients undertake is why we LOVE what we do. (To see our success stories click here)

Do you have poor energy and constantly struggle for motivation?
Do you have pain or injury and don’t know how to fix it?
Are you struggling with your diet and have a slow metabolism?
Are there clothes in your wardrobe you would love to get back into?
If you have answered Yes to any of these questions, we may be able to help you.
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